CrossFit Lit Up does the
CrossFit Open

The open is coming up starting on Feb 25. Remember to get entered on our team. Go to and click on register in the top right corner. Once your registered you can go to your competition page and enter CrossFit Lit Up as your Affiliate then enter CrossFit Lit Up as your team.

To get in to the Open spirit we will be running some of the past open workouts for the next three weeks. Once the Open starts we will run the Open workouts Friday and Saturday so you can get your score in. If you can't make it and need an alternate time to get the Open WOD done please contact us or talk to one of the coaches to schedule a time to get it done outside of class.


CrossFit Lit Up Six Week Program Focus

We have been looking at our programing and have identified some areas where our community as a whole could use improvement. So we have decided to focus on a couple movements at a time to help our members to see a marked improvement.

The next six weeks we will focus on the snatch and the front squat. The first week we will be testing these movements to get a baseline. Tuesday and Thursday are the dedicated lifting days using different variations of the chosen movements. The lifts will rotate each week. Snatch will be on Tuesday one week and Thursday the next and vice versa for Front Squat. The Wods have also been selected to incorporate the movements or variations of them, so if you can't make the lifting days you should still be able to make progress in the lifts. Snatch days will also feature specific accessory lifts and additional time for technical practice.

As always we will have scaled options for all levels of fitness and skill. We want everyone to progress from where they are now.

If you have any movements you feel we should focus on, we welcome the suggestions and will try to incorporate them into of focused programing in the future.